ShareSpace is a bespoke programme that allows young people to safely engage in social networking.

Key benefits are:

  • Students can engage with literacy through writing blogs, reviews, recording radio shows and videos, all of which are hosted safely and securely
  • Mobile and tablet ready!
  • Mapped against curriculum and local authority drivers; we know we are providing a great product that is reflected by the cross curriculum benefits of using social media and feedback from local authorities and Ofsted.

With specially-developed 'bolt ons' users can also benefit from:

  • ShareRadio, with an extensive music library users can DJ and share their songs with the world!
  • ShareAble, a downloadable interactive magazine
  • ShareMedia, a premium streaming service with content designed for users with a learning difficulty
  • ShareSafe, a premium suite of interactive resources that promote safe internet use, mapped against Ofsted requirements.