Nursing and Therapy

To ensure students have the right support when taking part in our programmes, the College has a specialist team of Nurses.

Our experienced Nurse team works in partnership with the students and their support networks to provide holistic medical support, enabling students to achieve their full potential.

In addition to the College's Core principles, the Nurse Team aims to:

optimise and promote every student's health status and wellbeing, enabling the student to achieve their full educational potential.

Below is a structure chart of our nursing team:


Students at Orchard Hill College benefit from an integrated team of specialists offering:

Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy covers moving and handling assessment, postural management and improving physical skills.

Occupational Therapy - Occupational Therapists support students to maximise their level of participation and increase their independence in learning activities at college.

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) - SALTs work with staff and carers to help them understand the way students communicate and what helps with communication.

Music Therapy - Music Therapists work with students individually and in groups. Music therapy helps people to express their feelings, such as being worried, upset or angry.

Below is a structure chart of our therapy team: