Posted by Alice Godwin on the 23 Sep 2015

Every Thursday students from our Beaconsfield Centre are going on an outing to different places in London as part of their wider world study programme.

Students worked on travel training skills, keeping safe out in the community and knowing how to judge people that we can trust. Alec used his observation skills and spotted people to ask for help in the train station and when walking along the road, using communication skills to ask a policeman for directions. Shaima worked on mobility and orientation skills following routes and negotiating different forms of transport during the day.

Shaima and Alec went into Westminster Abbey and looked around spotting the tomb of the unnamed solider and the coronation chair. Alec was very impressed that the chair was a 1000 years old.

Students worked on orientation following a map and problem solving around the abbey and really enjoyed looking in the museum. Shaima and Alec lit a candle in the Abbey and we discussed reasons that people may light the candles. The group then walked to Victoria railway station and used choice-making skills when choosing lunch.

This outing, the first of many in this topic, was a great success that enabled students to develop a variety of skills including advocacy, communication and orientation along with historical and cultural facts.