Posted by Alice Irvine on the 05 Oct 2016

As part of developing skills around travel training and understanding and celebrating Britishness, a group of students from Lomond House visited the Imperial War Museum.
To increase independence and confidence the group was given a visual guide and verbal instructions to travel the museum as independently as possible. Lucas, Ince, Owen and Stacy all did really well and worked together to follow the guide to travel to the museum. Owen, Lucas and Ince were able to use the visual aide to find the correct bus stop, identify the right bus number and safely get onto the bus. Also, with limited support the group was able to touch their oyster cards into the reader, find an available place to sit, and when prompted pressed the bell when they were nearing their destination. The students did extremely well with coping in a busy and noisy environment. Moreover, once they got off the bus Owen followed the visual guide and directed everyone to where the museum was.
Everyone was really excited when exploring the museum, reading old newspaper headlines, listening to wartime radio transmissions, and enjoying the interactive displays.