Posted by Kayleigh McLeod on the 10 Aug 2015

Throughout the academic year the Traineeship course has made a great impact on many of the students by equipping them with an insight into the working world. The students have gained invaluable experience from their placements from which they have built friendships and confidence, strengthened their communication skills and used Maths and English in a practical environment.

During the process of finding, gaining and maintaining placements, the students have had to assess their strengths and consider the type of work they would most enjoy. Within the Traineeship group, some have continued with voluntary placements whilst others have gone onto obtain paid employment.

The course has prepared the students by introducing a holistic approach to work, including how the students travel to their individual placements. One proud Mother said, “David is thrilled with himself for having recently achieved a personal goal in travelling independently from home to Orchard Hill college on the bus and making his way independently to and from his work placement."