Posted by Kayleigh on the 29 Sep 2016

To get the new academic year started, Year 11 were invited on a team building day at Delta Force Paintball Centre. Students had to gear up in full cameo combat suits, visor helmets and protective gloves. Ammo came in three rounds of 100 paintballs and students had the opportunity to upgrade their guns to snipers, buy the battle packs or extra protective armour! Safety was really important and students paid special attention to the rules and expectations and worked together to look out for each other and to stay safe.

Once they were ready for action the paintballing took place in themed zones based on popular Hollywood films filled with real military tanks, helicopters, jet planes, cannons and much more.

Students from YPA joined with other members of the public and split themselves equally between two teams. Competition was heated, but overall both the Blue and Red teams did well, both winning different games. There were no major injuries, just a few bruises to show off once we were back at school!

All the students seemed to enjoy themselves saying: “It was a great day, the marshals were really nice and I hope we will be able to come again! Plus the pizza was a nice way to finish!”

Fingers crossed we will be booking another paintball trip for the highest merit point scorers in the near future.