Posted by Kayleigh McLeod on the 24 Sep 2015

Our first student council meeting for the year was held this week, and what a range of things we had to discuss. The group consists of one student who has been nominated to represent each classroom at monthly meetings. Student Council gives students a chance to develop their communication skills, have a voice, and also gives them a chance to make a choice in what they do want to do while at College.

The meeting started with introductions and everyone getting a name badge, our Lecturer Steve then asked the group about their summer and gave everyone a chance to discuss something they did over the break. All students had an iPad to hand and with an app called Nearpod were able to contribute to each of the discussion points, such as things they could talk about during the meeting, whether they are enjoying being back at College, what they would like to do over the next term, and feedback on the student magazine.

The main topic of discussion in this meeting was outings and activities they could do for Christmas. Uroosa suggested that students could go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and proposed we watch a video of the event to see if it is something that the other students may want to go to!