Posted by Kayleigh McLeod on the 05 Feb 2016

The Skills Hub held its first student council meeting yesterday, off site at a local golf club where Paul Chambers, Deputy Head Teacher, spent some time discussing different matters with them and listening to their thoughts and ideas.
Some subjects that came up were: What a student council is, how changes could be achievable and how each student can make a difference. A main topic to discuss was results and feedback from the student survey that was completed in December, students thoughts and views of the school, their likes/dislikes, some of the changes they would like to see.
The group discussed how they feel being in a specialist school, with one of the students commenting “I don’t want it to be like mainstream school, I didn’t like mainstream! I like how much one to one support I get here, I feel like the teachers here understand me.”
Paul Chambers explains the student council as “a chance to have your say, an opportunity for changes to be made! If you can get your peers behind you then we can make a difference. You guys have made some really brilliant suggestions, and I agree with many of the things we have discussed.”
Something really positive that the students were excited about was implementing actions from the student survey and one main action they're making is a change in the lunch menu. The school meals were a main concern to arise from the survey, so from next term Young People’s Academy, also part of OHC&AT, will now be bringing meals over to The Skills Hub, so the council is already making changes!