Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 24 Oct 2017

Our Orchard Hill College students’ have just enjoyed their first term at our Nightingale Community Academy provision and they couldn’t be happier. The students have access to some amazing facilities such as a hair dressing salon and a garage to learn mechanics.

Students were able to sample both facilities to see which was the best fit for them individually and have been enjoying the sessions all term.

Those who chose to study in the garage have spent their time learning how to change wiper blades and headlights and where the oil and water goes in a car. Students who chose the salon have been washing, drying and perming hair!
In each session the students have been increasing their peer interaction including taking turns. They have also been developing work-related skills for possible work placements in the future.

Student, Louis Watson said: “I was changing a wiper blade today. I really liked it, yeah.”