Posted by Alice Irvine on the 28 Mar 2017


Students at Old Town Hall were excited to welcome Alex Gibb from the London Ambulance Service for a hands-on session about safety and first aid. Alex came straight from a nightshift but was full of energy and brought lots of equipment to demonstrate different aspects of his role as a paramedic.

Alex explained that the Service's main role is to respond to emergency calls, so the group looked at how to make an emergency call if the situation arose. Students also listened to each other's heart beats on a stethoscope and gained hands-on experience of tying bandages to each other's arms (with brilliant acting from one 'patient' Ben!) and practised how to deliver emergency resuscitation on the mannequin Alex had brought in.

This was a fantastic session that engaged students and delivereda number of valuable lessons to take forward. Thank you, Alex and the London Ambulance Service for visiting!