Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 16 Oct 2017

This week students from the Beaconsfield Centre, New Malden have been to the Poppy factory in Richmond. They have decided that helping to make the poppies for Remembrance Day would be a great project for all the students to enjoy.

Students were all set up with a wooden block to assemble the poppies on, this helped them make sure the component parts were in the correct place as they followed a step-by-step guide. The students had it worked out in no time and ended up with their very own, very fun, production line!

The 3 classrooms collectively will be working together to complete over 3000 poppies!

Laura, Senior Teaching Aide said: “This has been such a lovely project, it has really bought the class together, and made us all feel like we have contributed to something really important.”