Posted by Alice Irvine on the 30 May 2017


Students in Simmonds class at Beaconsfield in New Malden have been developing their friendship group in their sessions about developing and understanding effective interaction with others.

The group has been recording a weekly podcast together which has cemented their friendships and shown how well they work together. They have also been exploring a number of leisure venues in their community together with other classes from College.

Before the half term break, students from 4 different classes applied their interaction and social skills during a bowling session at Charrington Bowl in Tolworth, and it's fair to say everyone was very enthusiastic!

One Senior Teaching Aide who joined the outing said it was “a great opportunity for students to develop their wellbeing and extend their friendships with other students". In a potentially busy, noisy and unfamiliar environment, all students had a fantastic time and put to practice a number of skills they have been developing this year, including adapting to new environments, interacting with others, social skills, and acting independently. Strike for the team!