Posted by Alice Irvine on the 06 Feb 2017

As part of ‘Exploring Work, Enterprise and Volunteering’ sessions, one student from BedZED has been focusing on ‘effective communication and working with others’. Indi has been volunteering for Friends of Beddington Park in his local area of Croydon. Throughout the term Indi has extended his working time, communicating with colleagues when he would like a break and staying calm and remaining with his peers until the whole group has finished.

Indi has done a fantastic job of overcoming initial barriers in work environments, allowing him to complete work experience and gain work related skills. Indi has also contributed positively to his local community by helping to clean up Beddington Park. Indi has benefited from gaining work experience by developing skills which can be transferred to various different work environments, which will help him find a voluntary work placement of his choice in his local area when he leaves college.