Posted by Kayleigh McLeod on the 16 Jul 2015

Orchard Hill College finished the year with a phenomenal end with 'Orchard Hill's Got Talent'.

Parents and lecturers were singing along and dancing in their seats as they watched the students perform. With our Lecturer Rosy on the guitar we had acoustic versions of 'Wonderwall' and 'You've Got a Friend in Me', a Michael Jackson impersonator, the theme song from Titanic, a dance group with style, an amazing act using Sound Beam (which is a device which converts physical movements into sound), and one of our students Mary sang and played her song on the guitar.

We had judges giving feedback after each act, and trophies awarded at the end. The whole show was presented and supported by the students themselves. Everyone was so proud of our students, and how much hard work they put into this event.

It was amazing to end the year celebrating with parents and carers. They were so proud to see how far students have come, with some tears shed, but laughter and memories shared.

Head of Learning Centre, Renato