Posted by Kayleigh McLeod on the 29 Sep 2015

A group of Trainees who finished their course last year all met up for a catch up and get together. It was arranged by Amanda, the Work Placements Manager, and is hopefully something that will continue regularly to help students keep in contact with each other and enable Amanda to provide on-going support after College.

The catch up gave students not only a chance to all see each after the summer, but also an opportunity to discuss their work placements, how they felt about getting their first month's wages, what they are going to spend it on and also get advice on any problems or issues they have come across during their time at work.

Nicola is now in full time employment, working 6 days a week. She said “I nearly fainted when I got my first pay from this job. It’s more money than I have ever had before, and in one month!.”

The afternoon was a great success and everyone was very happy to see each other, telling different stories they had been getting up to both at work and over the summer. The next meeting is going to be in November, and will be held over dinner, which Amanda has said everyone can treat her to with their earnings!