Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 25 Nov 2016

Stage business, The Old Vic have introduced a unique programme of creative workshops designed to develop lifelong skills through theatre. The aim is to inspire others through performing arts. There are 6 stages to this programme and Orchard Hill College are thrilled to be working their way through them!

The Old Vic came to visit our centre in Camberwell Green, all 9 students who auditioned, made it through with flying colours. Completing silent tasks where only shoe size or birthdays were spoken out loud, as well as a task where students were asked what they would do if they were Mayor of London. Students came up with ideas such as “more parks and football pitches” “less roadwork's” “more trains” and “good theatres”. Staff were really impressed with some of the ideas the class came up with.

The second stage was a visit down to The Old Vic, where students got involved in numerous workshops, the favourite being a voice coach who gave tips on how to speak onstage.

Frank, lecturer at Lomond House said “The students were brilliant ambassadors for the College and I am so proud of them for all of their amazing work and effort they put into the day. I think it was the best day I have had working for Orchard Hill College so far!”