Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 31 Oct 2017

An article has been published on Teachwire by caretaker Maurice Pearson:

“My job is to keep the building safe and to make it look better, so some would come and do litter picks with me, tidying up the grounds. And sometimes one of them would offer to help me with a job, and I’d say to them, “If your teacher says it’s OK, then you can”.

But on the flip side, when one of them would graffiti the building or write swear words on it, it really annoyed me.

And even though I was getting to know them as individuals, I still kept my distance when it came to talking about their behaviour, or why they did certain things like this.

Something that really helped was going on a Mental Health First Aid course just before the summer holidays. It was run by Innovating Minds, and it helped me to see things from the children’s perspective more, from learning about what some of these children have gone through, and understanding their depression and anxiety.”

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