Posted by Kayleigh McLeod on the 16 Oct 2015

This week students rallied together to help make poppies for Remembrance Day. With a step-by-step guide to follow, the students had it worked out in no time! We ended up with our very own, very fun, production line. We had Jake on quality control, Billy taking photos, Keimar bagging the finished poppies and everyone else putting the poppies together. There was no stopping Andre once he got going, around 120 of the 400 were made by him alone.

Nicola and the team will be taking the poppies back to The Poppy Factory in Richmond, where they will be given a guided tour of the building and will get to see the poppies and wreaths being made, as well as learning about its history. “This has been such a lovely project, it has really bought the class together, and made us all feel like we have contributed to something really important.”