Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 31 Jan 2017

Last term, some of our students (Nathan, Tom, Nick, Callum & Kayvian) took part in the recent Dallagio Foundation tournament, The Rugby Works Tournament at Dulwich Sports Ground. Eight schools from around London battled it out to be declared champions.

YPA were leading the way, managing to top their group without losing a game, impressing many of the supporters and volunteers. Unfortunately after the lunch break they narrowly lost their first knock out game which was probably only fair as they were going to have to forfeit the next match to take the long journey back through London anyway. The students were well-behaved, showed fantastic sportsmanship and demonstrated their developing rugby skills.

Phil, one of the coaches said “Much fun was had by all, Nathan managed to win the ‘change the wheel’ contest, which was sponsored by Halfords and has since claimed his gift voucher and much to the boys excitement they chose to wear the pink shirts, they claimed this was just to match Nick’s boots but you can see from the picture how happy they were to rock the pink!”