Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 30 Nov 2017

Now that our 14-19 year old students are in "The Suite" (the new building at Dysart School which opened in September 2017) they are making great use of the amazing industrial kitchen which has been installed.

There are currently 21 students in The Suite and 18 of them will eat their own cooked lunch 4 days a week. With the support of staff, the students have chosen their favourite foods and have devised a three week rolling menu. On Tuesday they make a packed lunch, Wednesday it is roast dinner and Friday is always fish and chips! On each day there is a meat option along with a vegetarian and a gluten free option.

The students are learning all the skills from portion size, peeling to grating, filling up the steamers to cooking the veg and making sauces and of course, the all-important, clearing up at the end of the meal.

The students have gained a great deal of confidence working in the kitchen, so much so that they will start to cook additional lunches for staff from January so that their portion skills are improved.