Posted by Alice Irvine on the 23 Mar 2017


Wolverine Class students at Pentland Field have been Identifying and accessing external wellbeing facilities.

Callum, Zac, Oliver and Lucas started the course as four individuals who did not know each other. Before coming to Orchard Hill College all four of them made it clear that they wanted to be more active, more sociable and more independent.

The four students now enjoy their Thursday “Lads Club" where they use public transport with distant support to access the gym.

The Hillingdon sports centre has welcomed the students with open arms and staff there have been impressed with the opportunities the students at Orchard Hill College get to live real and active lives.

As you can see from the photos, this activity is thoroughly enjoyed by all the 'lads', while enabling them to form bonds with each other and enjoy going to an age-appropriate community venue together. Sutdents are able to familiarise themselves with facilities in their local area and they're more likely to continue to use these facilities in future.

Lecturer Mat Cahill said “ one parent couldn't believe that her son was going to the gym, let alone enjoying it!” Our Senior Teaching Aide has also been enjoying sharing students' progress with paretns and carers: “Callum's mum is so proud of him, she has been showing her friends and family the pictures we sent home in his communication book!”.

Well done, lads!