Posted by Alice Irvine on the 05 May 2017

Following from the success of Old Town Hall’s students’ artwork being sold in local ceramics shop Glazed All Over, the shop’s artist got in touch to let us know one particular style produced by our students has been an inspiration to her.
George and Sabina created ‘splatter art’ pieces that inspired the shop’s resident artist to create ‘splatter pots’ which are now being sold in the shop.
For students to see their artwork selling in a professional setting has been an amazing real-life example of what they can achieve, and now to know that they have inspired others has furthered their self-confidence, pride and motivation to continue creating artwork.
The artist at Glazed All Over has said “I was so inspired by the splatter patterns that the students had made that I started flicking paint on a ceramic pot and realised it looked really effective. Our customers often comment that the students' eye-catching artworks have inspired them whilst creating their own art.”
What a fantastic achievement for our artists.
If you would like to find out more about Glazed All Over please visit