Posted by Alice Irvine on the 25 Jan 2017


It feels like so long ago already, but before Christmas our students from Beaconsfield, our Centre in New Malden, put on a Christmas spectacular at the Saipem office in Kingston town centre.

Students weren't daunted by the masses of staff members who came along to see the performance in the main entrance to the office (which as you can see from the photo, was not your average office entrance!). The group sang a number of Christmas songs with our Lecturer Rosie providing live music on the guitar. It wasn't long before staff at Saipem were joining in with carolling!

This was a fantastic experience for students to see a large-scale office environment in person, and one right in their community, so our relationship with Saipem is continuing to develop and we're hoping for some students to go in for work experience and tasters in different departments.

We were also pleased to find we were the cover stars of the Saipem staff newsletter; click here to have a look!

We're delighted to be continuing to build our relationship with this organisation and look forward to what the future holds!

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