Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 26 Sep 2017

Students all-round the College centres have been participating in different activities to get know each other and get back in to the spirit after a nice long summer break!

Over at Lomond, Pinewood class enjoyed an introduction session where they shared stories about their summer breaks, what they liked and disliked. They then together came up with a list things they would like to do at College during the first term. It was a great opportunity for students to develop new social skills, communicate with each other and express themselves.

Students in Gherkin and O2 have already collaborated and participated in a number of sport and team building classes with the English Federation of Disability Sport. They also enjoyed some ice breaker activities including name games as part of a performing arts session. These sessions proved so popular that they have now been introduced into students weekly timetables and other classes from the centre have been to get involved!

Curriculum Lead, Frank said, “It’s great to see students from different classes interacting, spending more time getting to know each other and working together as a team. This has opened up so many opportunities for our students to interact and get to know people from outside of their group.”

A great start to what is going to be a great term!