Posted by Guerman Botten on the 03 Dec 2015

On Friday we had a very successful and engaging e-learning session at our Beaconsfield Centre in New Malden. The students created a videocast with discussions on a variety of different topics and shared their favourite songs with the other students.
The session began with a presentation on Nearpod where students learned about the podcast and selected some initial topics to discuss. All the students managed to locate the appropriate app on the iPad, input the correct login code and follow instructions on the screen. Throughout the initial stages the students were prompted to interact in different ways such as circling options and writing responses. All students helped each other, suggested topics and engaged with the session.
Once the initial selections were made the session was filmed in order to incorporate all the students' words and actions, some even dancing to the music they chose!
Students interacted with each other and the staff, contributed ideas and took the conversations in new and unexpected directions. Some students asked the staff and other learners questions, keeping the session lively and engaging. Overall, the session allowed the students to engage with ICT, participate in a structured group activity and relate their own personal experiences and opinions, and was a really fun afternoon!