Posted by Kayleigh Mcleod on the 24 Oct 2017

It has been a very active week over at Lomond House. Students were able to choose a fun session to end the term.
Some students chose a Yoga, an activity held weekly in the centre itself. A favourite part of the session is usually the “mirror game” which really engages students. The game focuses on intense interaction allowing students to work in pairs and mirror each other’s actions.

Other students went on an exciting trip to the Ice Rink at Streatham Leisure Centre. This is a new venture and was extra special for one student in particular , April who is a wheelchair user and has never been ice skating before.
STA, Mohammed said: “The ice skating was a lot of fun, it was great to see the students helping each other to learn a new skill that they’ve never tried before!”

Students and staff both really enjoyed the ice skating and it is definitely something the class will be doing again. A big thank you to Streatham Leisure Centre for making the trip accessible for all of our students!