Posted by Janet Sherborne on the 24 Mar 2016

As part of Fundraising Week's Centre to Centre Race, our Executive Head of Learning Support Services, Janet Sherborne took every type of Oyster transport in London to complete the route. This is her write-up of the day:
My aim was to complete the race by 6 pm and due to the skyline being out of service, I finished by 5.20 pm. I had lots of breaks on the way meeting students, Mayors, 'Batman and Robin', Councillors and staff. I kept up to date with all my emails and had a couple of quick stand up meetings at centres!
Here is the route that I took and the approximate timings:-
Note : Total time on London (Oyster) Transport, 3.6 hours, 16 different journeys
Walking 10 miles (20,000 steps), according to Fitbit!!!!
Total Journey Cost - £21.50 £14.30 without the Riverboat
On this day, I encountered no delays – all trains were on time on departure and arrival.
0847: Bus 68 > Home to Camberwell 25 mins. Lovely new routemaster with 3 entrances
0920: Bus 36 > Camberwell to Vauxhall 10 mins. I left before the Mayor opened the official Centre Student Minibus race as I wanted to get to Beaconsfield for the start of the next leg at 11 am and meet the Deputy Mayor.
0936: Train > Vauxhall to New Malden 18 mins. Lovely to see Beaconsfield students starting their centre to centre race by train at New Malden.
11.19: Train > New Malden to Wimbledon 10 mins. I asked at the ticket office about how much notice you had to give for a wheelchair user and they said 24 hours, but would always try and accommodate anyone at short notice. As they still have guards on South West trains, this is probably OK – Southern don’t seem to have guards on local train services
1140: Tram > Wimbledon to Mitcham Junction 20 mins This was my silly moment. I decided to get off the tram to take a selfie, for our twitter page and in trying to do so, the tram left and went off without me! The passengers must have had a good laugh and the selfie was awful – Therefore I left it to Ash on his cycling tour to take the selfies!
1200: Bus > Mitcham Junction to Hackbridge 5 mins. London Bus app very accurate
1230: Walk > Hackbridge to Carshalton 25 mins. I decided to walk as I could buy my lunch en route at Sainsburys who have been extremely supportive for our charity week. I could have caught the Bus 127
1329: Bus 151 > Carshalton to Wallington 10 mins. This was my only delay – Bus London app said the bus was 5 minutes away, however, the bus took 15 minutes to arrive!
I had now reached all the centres, and after enjoying the celebrations moved onto the final part of the journey back to Camberwell. It was great that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor came to support us
1450: Train > Wallington to West Croydon 10 mins. Station platform guard was very complimentary about our staff and students, he said that he would always try and accommodate wheelchair users at short notice, and would phone onto destination station, but it often depended on whether there was someone available at that station.
1503: Overground >West Croydon to Shadwell 30 mins. Shadwell is on the overground, but actually is underground with 78 steps up to platform level and 24 steps to lift.
1540: DLR > Shadwell to Tower Gateway 10 mins Clean and efficient DLR
1555: Tube >Tower Gateway to Embankment (Circle Line) 15 mins. Crowded, as ever!
1610: Riverboat > Embankment to London Eye Pier 10 mins. Sometimes you can wait a long time for a Thames Clipper, but only had a 5 min wait.
1648: Train > Waterloo to Vauxhall 8 mins. Stopped at Waterloo for an update on my emails and also had a Pret bar and tea to keep me going!
1658: Bus > Vauxhall to Camberwell 10 mins
1720: Back to Lomond House. A well earned glass of wine with Caroline at the Tiger Pub in Camberwell!
It is a shame that the Skyline was closed – this would have been my route
London Overground, West Croydon to Canada Water, Jubilee Line, Canada Water to North Greenwich, Skyline, Victoria Pier to Tower Gateway, and then the route as above – this, I estimate would have taken an extra hour, but I wouldn’t have stopped at Waterloo for coffee, so would have made it for 1800 hours
Good fun by all – well done to all the students and Batman and Robin (aka Kayleigh and Robin) who walked to all the centres and Carew Academy, Mary, who took the bus between the centres, Ash who cycled to all our centres and academies (including Hillingdon) and all our students who went on various forms of public transport as well as the minibus.