Posted by Alice Irvine on the 27 Nov 2015

Three Into Work students have made a neighbour's day by helping clear mountains of leaves that have been covering her garden! Our new friend is 90 years old, and a number of large trees in her garden had made the area almost inaccessible for her, so our students, who all want to pursue work in horticulture and gardening, worked as a team to clear the grounds. This was the first gardening project for these students, and the skills they gained will continue as they do more gardening work over the coming months.

Over three mornings the group managed to clear all of the leaves and bag them up ready for collection, totalling 15 large bags every day!

The group did such a good job that a letter of thanks was written, saying the students "worked together very well indeed and were a pleasure to have around - I don't know what I would have done without them!"

The letter also praised Polly, from our Facilities team who "endeavoured to find is in her nature to help anyone", so thank you Polly and all our students who have "been a credit to the College".