Posted by Alice Irvine on the 24 Nov 2015

Sutton Community Transport has set up a travel safety scheme for people with learning difficulties, to enable and encourage them to use public transport. The programme covers different areas of travel, including using public transport, safety in the community and personal safety, focussing on preparing for ‘out of the ordinary’ events such as a diverted route, missing a bus stop, or witnessing anti-social behaviour.

The practical session started with students boarding a bus provided especially, and once they had found their seats, numerous role plays were acted out so they could experience first-hand the different things that can happen on a journey. Students were invited to discuss each role play and to assess what the best way would be to react to each one.

Lecturers organised for two classes from Old Town Hall, Wallington to take part in the scheme and all were impressed with the outcomes for our students; “by the end of the journey you could see a great improvement in the students’ awareness and how they were reacting to situations. This is a brilliant programme, I highly recommend it.”